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As we discussed in our last blog- Most companies don’t have the required developer bandwidth and cost to build cost-efficient products on the cloud. As their infrastructure grows, their cloud starts getting complex. It becomes challenging to understand due to the split context of infrastructure in developers and the increasing number of cloud resources like ec2 instances, DB clusters, etc. 

Before diving into the steps to optimize the cloud spend, gaining visibility into cloud cost and driving greater overall efficiency is a constant process. In this process, you need a solid understanding of your organization’s cloud consumption. 

At OpsLyft, we launched Cost Saving Insights, back at the end of 2020. Cost Saving Insights analyze the customer’s AWS account and provide insights to the user to reduce their AWS cloud cost. These insights are simple statements and tell the user how much he will save if he acts, along with the steps to take that action. These insights provide our customers with an in-depth view and analysis of their cloud costs so they can identify potential cloud waste and confidently implement and automate cost-efficiency measures with just a few clicks.

The first version of this feature received tremendous feedback. Today we are proud to share a new and improved version of Cost Saving Insights based on the feedback from a ton of our customers. These upgrades will enable our users like you to effortlessly get clearer and richer visibility into their cloud cost and usage.

Here are some key capabilities and features:

  • In-depth insights: 

Clearer and more accessible UI with faster retrieval for even greater amounts of data. The user gets more accurate in-depth insights by integrating multiple data sources to save cost and build cost-efficient software.

Besides already supporting cloudwatch, stackdriver, and other cloud native monitoring tools now we also support integrations with Prometheus and other APM tools.

  • Maximum services coverage:

Whatever may be the service you are using, we now have cost saving insights for that.  Besides supporting the basic set of services like RDS, EC2, S3, now we support a variety of other services like elastic search, Kubernetes, open search, lambda, etc. 

  • Improved filtering capacity of insights: 

The engineer manager of a specific customer and the account manager of a particular account can now get visibility into the cost leakages present in his account or the set of resources he is responsible for. Unique spend forecasting capabilities allows you to see projected costs broken down by accounts and services.

Moreover, Advanced grouping and drill-down into spend based on region, accounts, tags, service, charge type, usage type group, instance type, give quick and comprehensive visibility into everything happening in your cloud.

  • Detailed information about the resource(metadata): 

The user gets every detailed information around resources that he might need while studying the resources in cost-saving insights like – What is the resource being used for, which team is using the resource, who created it, when the resource was created etc.?

  • Configurability and Customization around the cost saving insights:

Developers responsible for cloud costs may have their own set of ways or insights which might save their organization’s cloud costs. But they don’t have the time to write a script and test them. Cost Saving Insights now provides a mechanism by which they can easily and quickly configure the threshold and metrics of these insights and add their own rules in the backend. This helps them save their company cloud cost bill and their time to implement these insights. 

  • Visibility of impact and future predictions on utilization of the insights:

Engineering managers can see how their resources will perform if the user carries out this action. This helps the users easily carry out the activity without downtime on applications.

  • The estimated effort of action:

The Developer can know the estimated time to save the cost on any specific insight to prioritize the actions on a cost vs. effort basis and focus on the quick wins first.

How do we stand out?

Engineers and finance teams leverage these cost saving opportunities in the form of actionable insights and implement them as the FinOps journey is not just around visibility, but what you can do with it. Here at OpsLyft, Cost Saving Insights is the first step of the cloud cost optimization process where you can drive up to 80% cloud compute cost savings.

We are offering you that nobody else in the in-market currently offers-

  • Most accurate in-depth insights through integration with multiple data sources like Prometheus.
  • Cost saving insights for every AWS service you use. Besides supporting the basic set of services like RDS, EC2, S3, now we support a variety of other services like elastic search, Kubernetes, open search, lambda, etc. 
  • Advanced Grouping and filtering of Insights
  • Configurability and Customization around the cost saving insights.
  • Cost-Saving Insights has over 200 rules covering all of the AWS/GCP/Azure services and metrics: Cost Saving Insights feature scans all of the resources present in a user’s infrastructure, evaluates the performance metrics such as CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, Read/Write IO, etc., and identifies such resources which are potentially leading to cost leakages in their AWS account and are safe to remove. Meanwhile, other solutions in the market such as AWS Cloudwatch, Cost Explorer, Cloudtrail, etc have limited coverage in terms of supported resources and support basic metrics such as CPU Utilization and DB Connections.

If you want to try Cost Saving Insights, just schedule a demo with us and we will give you a complete walkthrough of it and tell you more about how it can benefit your organization. If you like it, it will be up and running in your environment within 48 hours of you signing up with us. Feel free to contact us for other DevOps related queries at We will be ready with more DevOps magic in the coming weeks so do come back when you get the time!

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