Challenges In Managing Cloud Costs & Its Proactive Solutions

Now that you have landed on this post, we are assuming that you are looking for a solution that can constantly check and control your growing cloud infrastructure cost. If my assumption is right, and you are facing challenges while managing your cloud cost, believe me, you are not alone. And I hope when you will hold the tail of this blog, you will have control of this giant animal. 

The advancement of cloud computing technology is growing so fast that its consumers are usually unable to match the pace. At OpsLyft, we work with some of the fast-growing mid-market & large scale enterprises. Their point of concern is that the growing adoption of the public cloud brings in additional complexities that require a huge chunk of developer’s time to manage the cloud computing well. Our work with them closely revolves around solving the challenges of a public cloud. In this post, we will talk about how we are helping organizations achieve their goals and make them win their battles with the cloud.

Public Cloud: A powerful technology choice with massive hidden challenges

Flexera published a report Rightscale 2019 State of the Cloud Report from Flexera in which they recorded responses of 786 working professionals covering various industries like healthcare, government, education, telecom, financial services, etc. Among those 786 respondents, 456 belonged to enterprises (1000+ employees) and 330 belonged to small and medium businesses (<1000 employees). According to the report, cloud spend and cloud governance are among the top challenges for enterprises. And lack of expertise and governance are among the top challenges for SMBs (small and medium businesses).

Adding to that; expertise, security, compliance, lack of resources, managing multi-cloud, and cloud migration are some other major challenges. Let’s take a deep dive, and try to understand the situation.

  • Managing cloud spend: Investing in the cloud can give a push to your organization and improve your productivity but to know how to manage cloud spend is a challenging task. As soon as you start customizing it according to your need the cloud service provider will start charging you in many different ways which is not straightforward to understand.
  • Governance: This is another major challenge because organizations do not want to lose an inch of control over their infrastructure.
Cloud Challenges by Company Size
  • Security: Who doesn’t want to be secured? When it comes to data, everybody wants to protect and keep it as close and secure as possible. Application & Data Security on the cloud is one of the prominent challenges that organizations are concerned about.
  • Compliance: To migrate data from a private setup to the public cloud, organizations have to check & manage the compliances they need to fulfill. Depending upon which sector they belong to, they need to comply with corresponding authorities & regulations for transforming their resources & data onto the cloud.
  • Lack of resources/expertise: Every public cloud is getting advanced & rich every day and to get its maximum benefits without any collateral damages, companies that are using cloud services also need to stay on top of the knowledge base & skill-set required for their smooth operability. According to the referred report

Challenge of managing cloud grows as cloud use increases

  • Managing multi-cloud: Multi-cloud is the use of more than one cloud service. It can be a hybrid (private cloud + public cloud) or multiple private clouds or multiple public clouds. Companies face a number of challenges in managing multiple cloud environments. According to the referred report:

 84% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy

  • Cloud migration: Moving to the cloud is one of the most complex engineering efforts in the software industry today. Most of the enterprises are facing this challenge which can be resolved through a proper cloud migration framework that can help organizations come up with a robust action plan for migration.

    Now, let’s look at some ground-level challenges revolving around cloud costs faced by the enterprises. Based on our interaction with our customers, below are three major challenges.

Decentralized & Complex Visibility of Cloud Costs:

  • No visibility to executive teams over increasing cloud costs.
  • No consolidated view about cloud costs distribution based on application data, infrastructure usage patterns, and IT budget planning.

No Organizational Accountability:

  • Reducing cloud costs is a function of a few engineers (majorly DevOps).
  • No actionable control of executive & finance teams over cloud costs.

Expensive Man Hours:

  • People spend a lot of time on cloud-native tools and planning cost reduction strategies on Excel and other relevant systems.
  • This is a less fulfilling job resulting in delayed results for businesses.

Proactive Solutions to Govern your Cloud and Maintain Healthy Cloud Bills Every Month

If you have ever looked up solutions around cloud cost challenges, I’m sure that you must have found a list of general recommendations. However, what we specifically focus on at OpsLyft is remediation or actions for recommendations. Before digging deeper into how we do it, below are the standard recommendations that are most common but effective when it comes to developing cost optimization strategies within your organization.

  • Rightsizing EC2/RDS/Redshift
  • Achieve a 60% coverage on Reserved Instances
  • Use spot instances as much as possible
  • Identify & clean up idle resources, regularly
  • Proper tagging of resources for better visibility
  • RI modifications, etc.

However, despite these standard best practices, cost-optimization still remains a big challenge for enterprises. We tried to understand the industry’s problems very closely by interacting with different levels of stakeholders of the cloud within an organization. During our brainstorming sessions, we realized some very basic yet genuine challenges. Our engineering teams have worked closely with customers to come up with a SaaS solution that can help organizations achieve a state where cloud-cost optimization becomes a valuable business KPI with a minimal recurring effort from the people involved.

Irrespective of your belonging to DevOps, finance, or development; our solution is designed to account for everyone. 

We love analytics, but at the same time, we do know that great products are those which give the user the capability to do as many things as a human possibly can. Our focus on building this platform is to help the users take the necessary actions that will optimize your cloud cost.

Keeping it as simple as it is, OpsLyft is introducing three more attributes i.e Visibility, Remediation, and Automation on top of standard best practices for cloud-cost optimization. We aim to provide better visibility of what is happening in your IT infrastructure for all the stakeholders i.e. Developers, DevOps, Finance, and Leadership as well. Schedule a demo with us and test yourself! We will give you a complete walkthrough of our solution and tell you more about how it can benefit your organization. If you like it, it will be up and running in your environment within 48 hours of you signing up with us. Feel free to contact us for other DevOps related queries at We will be ready with more DevOps magic in the coming weeks so do come back when you get the time!

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