Automation is the future of Cloud Cost Optimization

Modern cloud has made it extremely easy to spawn and scale resources on demand. This can sometimes result in lost control over the infra and increased cloud spending. Engineers usually tend to overprovision their resources making a tradeoff between performance and cost.

Automation is the basis of cloud computing and allows individuals and teams to make cloud tasks faster, efficient with as little human intervention. This can be achieved through the use of various tools. Automation in the cloud does not have to be limited to scheduling infra tasks, it can be used in identifying the most cost-effective instance types for the application workload, Or the use of auto-scaling of cloud resources to handle spikes in demand.

Automation can help solve these issues in different ways:

  1. Automation of alerts when a cost spike occurs
  2. Automation of alerts when forecasted cost or Budgeted cost crosses a threshold.
  3. Automation of identifying and reporting resources that are idle or underutilized
  4. Automation of resources scheduling to stop and start resources during non-working hours.

OpsLyft’s Anomaly detection feature allows users to receive alerts when their cloud cost starts to go out of control and also go in-depth and analyze the root cause of the increased cost.

OpsLyft’s Budgeting feature allows users to set up budgets at different organizational levels, enabling them to receive alerts when the cost crosses a set threshold of the budget.

OpsLyft’s Cost saving insights, along with reports and notifications, automates the tedious task of identifying and reporting idle and underutilized resources to their respective stakeholders.

Why pay for resources when they are not being used such as dev or test environments? OpsLyft’s Infra Automation feature allows users to automate resource scheduling for resources running in development and test environments. Allowing teams to save a significant cost during non-working hours.

Through the above-mentioned ways, automation can help users/teams to automate the mundane tasks of identifying cost savings opportunities and reduce time to realize cost savings by a huge margin.

Cloud computing has made it incredibly easy for businesses to scale their resources on demand. This has led to a situation where it can be very easy to under-provision resources and end up paying more money in the long run.

Organizations can take charge of and reduce their cloud spending with the help of OpsLyft’s cloud cost-saving solution. OpsLyft’s solution uses a combination of automated alerts, personalization, as well as insights to automate cost savings.

Saving money can be hard. We so often see that businesses tend to end up saving it for bills, instead of investing it back into business operations.

OpsLyft can make saving money on cloud costs easier through automation, personalization, and insight.

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