New: Alert Management System For AWS

When we talk to our customers regarding their AWS bills, the problem that is mentioned by most of them is the lack of alerts regarding the AWS services they are using. When there are a number of services running and different people accessing them, it becomes hard to keep track of all services that areContinue reading “New: Alert Management System For AWS”

OpsLyft: Your Personal Cloud Economist

Whenever you log online, there‚Äôs some kind of cloud service that you are using whether you realize it or not. In this modern do it as you go world cloud technologies have played a pivotal part in paving a path for companies to deploy their products and services in the fastest way possible. Cloud hasContinue reading “OpsLyft: Your Personal Cloud Economist”

Strong Interdependency Between AI & DevOps

As a part of my entrepreneurial journey, meeting industry experts and gathering insights from them is a regular thing now. I met someone this weekend where we talked about what it takes to build an ideal DevOps world. A world where product owners, development, QA, IT Operations and Infosec work together, not only to helpContinue reading “Strong Interdependency Between AI & DevOps”